About us

COHO DEALS has one goal in life: Sell weird and obscure products cheaper than anyone else on earth.

COHO Deals is an odd website and we don't apologize for it. In fact, it's kind of our thing. We buy salvage, surplus and overstock from trucking companies, manufacturers, distributors and online retailers. Typically we don't know what we are buying until it shows up. This seemingly foolish business model is how we can sell stuff so cheap. By purchasing truckloads of unknown products, we incur certain risks and thus demand lower prices from the sellers and pass that savings on to you. But this also results in odd merchandise with limited marketability. We can choose to warehouse this stuff in hopes a museum someday want it all OR we can price it below every other seller on the planet and make it all go away. So far it's working out. However, if you ever see a price on COHO Deals that is not the lowest, please let us know. We have a reputation to maintain